The VRC Mission Statement

Freedom is a thing that people have taken for granted as of late, and many people forget how those freedoms came to be. Here at VRC our mission is to recognize those brave men and women that will never forget the costs of freedom. Although many great strides have been made to see that our nations veterans receive the proper recognition they deserve, there are still many miles to go. 

The infantry has a saying “Leave no man behind” and we are holding that to be true with how we have structured. We are doing our part to make a difference in the lives of countless men and women that will benefit from our donations. Here at VRC we know the lives lost protecting our freedoms were not forgotten, and we will do our part in making sure that never changes. 

We are donating 1.5% per tx to 2 local city organizations. Why local city ones? Well, the answer is simple, although the larger organizations seem like the proper route, we here at VRC know that the smaller groups make the largest impact when it comes to willingness to help.