VRC White Paper


  • Total amount of coins in existence
  • Minus any coins that have been verifiably burned


  • Token burning destroy some of the emissions to limit the supply
  • Token burning increasing the asset's value


  • Everyone can participate on equal footing.
  • There is no early access, pre-mine or allocation of tokens.

VRC Currency

Charity contributions, Tokenomics setup, Real Use Cases.

Most crypto currencies serve multiple purposes. On paper, there are coins that that contribute to a charity, reward holders or just exist to be in circulation. VRC goes to the next level. Leading the way through charity donations to well established Veteran-supporting organizations, the design is to both reward holders but to also rewards charities in the process. In the process, improving support mechanisms to Veterans who served our great country.

Manual Burn and Presale

VRC will immediately burn 40% of the existing circulation which will leave 600 billion VRC in circulation. During Presale, there will be a hardcap set at 150BNB - of which 80% will be sent to Pancake Liquidity

Why VRC?

Founded by a Veteran, this token looks to improve the lives of Veterans and VRC holders. This is the first true token to implement multiple processes. First, TWO charities will receive contributions on each sell through each receiver wallet. Next, the 5%  will go back to holders for holding the coin and promoting its growth. Sellers will pay a 10% tax for any sell which goes to both charities AND holders. Thus, VRC will benefit everyone who is involved with the token. This mechanism aims to alleviate some of the downward sell pressure and to put the onus on holders to grow the community all while serving a greater cause than themselves.

Tokenomics - VRC Coin Facts

VRC exists to create wealth for all stakeholders. For buyers, charities, and the ecosystem as a whole.

  • 5% Marketing/Team wallet – 25% auto release every Friday
  • 3% auto donation – charity wallet
  • 5% redistribution
  • 2% back to liquidity
  • 10% total tax

VRC Usecases

  • VRC Wallet
  • VRC Exchange – further down the road, to include several added options
  • 501c3 Creation via name VRC – NPO to benefit Disabled/Homeless Veterans
  • VRC LLC establishment – Establish VRC as a certified Company
  • More to come…


The Liquidity, while locked for 9 months, acts as buffer against wild price fluctuations. In addition, with the fair launch only wallets buying in will dictate wallet size. This is to implement manual burns along the way, as well as furthering the tokens use via our usecases.


Second, the penalty acts as an arbitrage resistant mechanism that secures the volume of VRC as a reward for the holders. 

As the VRC token LP increases, this will create more of a price floor to benefit holders. If a whale decides to sell their accumulated position many months or years after deployment, the LP will counteract their position to prevent massive price changes.


Marketing/Team wallet will be used. This wallet is static and will have ALL transactions noted and kept for any/all marketing spending. This list will be updated periodically on the website and posted on social media platforms to provide 100% transparency.

All 3 wallets listed below are static and will never change. Each donation wallet will have their transactions tracked and updated on the website.


All 3 wallets listed below are static and will never change. Each donation wallet will have their transactions tracked and updated on the website.

Donation wallet #1 - CVMA

Donation wallet #2 - TexasPVA

Marketing wallet